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  • Good for Thought - Part 1

    I read a very thought-provoking article about cult culture in America. The article asks, that with nearly 30% of Americans exhibiting elevated cult–like behavior, what can we do as a society to come together? Within my little bubble of highly politically engaged friends, we constantly disagree about how -- and if -- we should interact with those who not only are taking a ride on the Trump train, but who have a first row, first class seat on his bone-chilling cult-o-motive.
  • IamMoi Holiday Gift Guide 2019

    Thanksgiving is officially over, which means only one thing. It's that time to buy gifts for all of your loved ones, with their varying interests, ...
  • Your Ultimate Guide to 2020

    The latest big Democratic Presidential debate is only a few hours behind us, but there’s one thing on everyone’s mind here at IamMoi. No, we’re not cashing out on our bets of who had the best one-liner, or debating the curveball questions that the candidates were thrown. We aren’t even thinking about the impeachment inquiry that has been dominating this week’s headlines (ok, some of us are). For the purposes of this blog post, we're all-consumed in thinking about...

  • Walk With Us Interview - Laura Kostin

    Laura Kostin is a local politics powerhouse. Check out our interview to find out what she's proudest of, who inspires her, and her advice to others out there who may be contemplating a run for political office. 
  • Make Your Voice Heard: Everything You Need To Know

    Want to know a secret? No one is reading your political Facebook posts. Your elected officials never saw that Tweet you tagged them in six months a...
  • Brands That Support The Resistance

    By now, you've probably heard of the impressively-organized #GrabYourWallet movement and other "buycotts" of brands financially connected to Trump....
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