Good for Thought - Part 1

I read a very thought-provoking article about cult culture in America. The article asks, that with nearly 30% of Americans exhibiting elevated cult–like behavior, what can we do as a society to come together? Within my little bubble of highly politically engaged friends, we constantly disagree about how -- and if -- we should interact with those who not only are taking a ride on the Trump train, but who have a first row, first class seat on his bone-chilling cult-o-motive.
“When two enemies are talking, they are not fighting.”
The above words were quoted in the article, spoken by Daryl Davis, a blues musician who spends his free time helping people leave the KKK. So far, he has helped 200 people. That’s not to say that you should be on the first plane to West Virginia and start door knocking with Democratic Socialist literature. The article specifies that countries that have been charmed by autocrats or cult-like leaders have only regained their democratic tendencies when the united opposition finds a way to connect to the group that feels disenfranchised. These connections can range from discussions, community building, and collaborative projects. In laymen’s terms, this means just talking to people. The article acknowledges that the above is not emotionally satisfying, and frankly, quite difficult…
I recommend reading the 
article in full. It is comforting in that it reminds us that our resistance is necessary, but at the same time, can be draining and even paralyzing. We can sustain our opposition by finding a path forward without always having to use a razor’s edge.
So where am I going with this? I have several customers from red states, who tell me they do not have a network of people who share their fears about the Trump administration. They wear our shoes as an expression of activism and inner self-satisfaction. Now what I am wondering is: have they had anyone push back against their “shoe-messaging”? And if yes, can we think about our shoes as a way to start conversations with people who think differently?
At IamMOI, we think a lot about taking our message on the road and walking with everybody -- not just the folks who think like us..
I would love to hear your thoughts and experiences regarding these types of conversations… Email me and tell me your story! 
-Marina , Founder of IamMoi

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