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In Footwear News, IamMoi Founder Marina Levine takes a stand against apathy: “We aren’t in a time anymore where we can be subdued or passive towards politics. There are men deciding women’s rights and deciding things about women’s bodies,” Levine explained. “We can’t be afraid of this word ‘politics’ or afraid of associating ourselves with that word anymore. IamMoi is my way to un-taboo taboo talking points — and hopefully, create a new venue where we can talk about what it means to be American.” Check out the article in full HERE



CLICK HERE to read IamMoi's feature in Greenwich Time. "The Greenwich mom of two, who is one of the co-founders of Indivisible Greenwich, has launched a line of conversation-starting footwear aimed at helping her customers stay au courant while supporting women running for office and championing the causes they hold dear..." Learn more about the moment our founder decided to combine her progressive values with her lifelong passion for design and fashion! 



When Greenwich Free Press asks our founder, Marina, about the risk that comes with associating IamMoi with a political stance, she doesn't miss a beat: “Progressive values are important to women, and we stand behind that as a company.” Learn more about her experience in the fashion industry, her unique perspective on the importance of protecting civil liberties, her activism volunteering for local campaigns, and the sustainable global standards she prioritizes in IamMoi's factory. CLICK HERE for the full article.